Gigabyte G24F Gaming Monitor with SuperSpeed IPS 165Hz 1ms 

Gigabyte G24F Gaming Monitor with SuperSpeed IPS 165Hz 1ms  GIGABYTE Winsoft

GIGABYTE has been deeply involved in hardware product lines like motherboards and graphics cards for many years, as the only designated esports display brand in the “DOTA2” DPC China League. We understand that e-sports and professional players require reliable and smooth pictures to maintain competitive performance.

The Gigabyte G24F is an esports display that shares many of the same features as the Black Samurai. The GIGABYTE G24F is a professional esports display designed to address these issues. The designated professional e-sports monitor for the second season of the “DOTA2” DPC China League has been named due to its remarkable esports qualities.

The Gigabyte G24F has a three-sided slim frame design on the front, allowing players to have a more immersive gaming experience. The bottom border has only the business logo as its single feature, and the border as a whole is highly concise, providing consumers with a pleasant visual experience. The monitor’s bracket and base have a more intricate ladder and stripe designs, demonstrating the monitor’s exceptional robustness from the side.

On the back, the Gigabyte G24F combines sophisticated shapes to give customers a complete sense of technology. Mirrors, diamond stripes, and other methods have been used to provide consumers with a smooth or rough composite touch, split bylines, and heat dissipation fences. The color scheme has based on flexible black. It may utilize in an esports area, but it also works well in an office, a study, and other settings


In general, the Gigabyte G24F’s design is understated and crisp. With fewer elements on the front face, there is less interference during use, allowing the player to engage the combat in a more focused condition. The black color scheme on the back is understated, and the overall impression is of an old friend who has been silent and dependable for many years. In conclusion, the overall appearance of the Gigabyte G24F is superb.

Gigabyte G24F has done a lot of transition processing on the back, bracket, and other areas. The display becomes more modern and futuristic as a result of its multi-segment, multi-faceted appearance. The slight change in detail allows individuals to sense the manufacturer’s objectives instinctively. In conclusion, the Gigabyte G24F’s detailed design has been graded as good.

Gigabyte G24F Gaming Monitor with SuperSpeed IPS 165Hz 1ms  GIGABYTE Winsoft


This display has two HDMI ports and one DP interface to address the needs of multi-device video expansion. In addition, the show has one UBS upstream interface and two USB interfaces, allowing it to serve as a USB HUB for users, alleviating the issue of a lack of host interface.

The stand feature on the GIGABYTE G24F gaming monitor allows for up and down lifting and front and rear tilt panel angle adjustment. No one should use a gaming monitor in portrait mode, even though the function is somewhat monotonous. (Unless he’s never played a game before.) This strategy is reasonable because it reduces non-essential functionality and provides more cost-effective products.

GIGABYTE G24F uses the rear five-dimensional joystick adjustment mechanism for OSD menu adjustment. Compared to typical button adjustment, this method is more following the operating logic and is easier to get started. The power supply function is also integrated into the OSD adjustment button. To avoid the embarrassment of shutting down by accidentally touching the power supply during adjustment, the shutdown requires numerous menu operations to complete.

Gigabyte G24F Gaming Monitor with SuperSpeed IPS 165Hz 1ms  GIGABYTE Winsoft

The interface and bracket functions of the GIGABYTE G24F are a little lacking, but the five-dimensional joystick-style OSD menu modification is powerful. This way of adjustment makes use more fluid, and the lower learning cost allows the player to complete the display adjustment and preparation work more quickly. As a result, this monitor’s user experience was finally graded as good.

Players can design four separate four-way shortcut menus for up, down, left, and proper functions after pressing the button to enter the OSD menu. To use the shortcut function, go to the general settings and select the appropriate option. Toggle the button up to reach the OSD menu summary table, where you can see that the Gigabyte G24F offers several gaming improvements in addition to color adjustments.

Uniqueness as a gaming monitor

And the Gigabyte G24F’s black balancing feature is a powerful weapon against the game’s dark settings. After activating this feature, you’ll be able to brighten dark regions of the game screen locally, making it easier to spot foes hiding in the shadows. When this option is enabled in “CS: GO,” the survivability rate when confronted with enemy ambushes improves dramatically.

Players can spend more time on the e-sports game than altering the e-sports peripherals with more efficient panel parameter modification. GIGABYTE G24F can change the panel parameters not only with the joystick provided by the monitor but also with the monitor setting software produced by GIGABYTE to complete the adjustment of the monitor's panel display with the mouse.

As a professional gaming display, the Gigabyte G24F offers a wide range of game screen optimization options, allowing users to improve their gaming experience. The enabled software adjustment capability also allows gamers to adjust the monitor screen more effectively. As a result, the performance in terms of new features is still satisfactory, and the overall rating is excellent.

A 165Hz IPS screen based on fast LCD technology is used in this monitor. The most notable aspect of this panel is its 1ms MPRT/2ms GTG response time. The time it takes to respond. Response time is a metric that measures the amount of smudge on the screen. The lower the value, the less likely a screen smear will occur on display.

Because the screen of e-sports games changes rapidly, the display must have a faster response time to ensure that the game screen is as straightforward as possible. We go to the UFO test website, choose the Chase squares test screen smear option, and set the shutter speed to a constant 1/1000s.

The edges of the two squares photographed may be observed to be crisp and unblurred, indicating that there is no smear on the screen.

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